Benefits of Polished Concrete

Benefits of Polished Concrete for Utah

Polished concrete can be one of the most effective ways to finish and maintain concrete flooring in a cost-conscious way.  When done correctly, polished concrete can provide a long lasting, low maintenance, green solution for your building space. The benefits of polished concrete range from economic outlook, to environmental impact, to versatility.

The experts of Finn-Wall Specialties perform a specialized, multi-step process that creates a durable concrete surface that looks amazing.  For over 35 years, our craftsmen have refined techniques that will promise high caliber finishes and industrial grade quality.

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Polished Concrete Finn-Wall Specialties Project for Applied Technology Center in Tooele, Utah

Harmon's City Creek-Concrete-Polishing

The benefits of polished concrete apply to a variety of flooring solutions including commercial environments, high traffic retail locations, private luxury homes and industrial flooringBasically, our process densifies the surface of the concrete and transforms it into a polished and optionally colored smooth and durable surface.  

FW Specialties can also implement an impressive array of design options.  FW Specialties polishes with large, heavy planetary and rotary grinders that we have used for years in the terrazzo industry.  We also take great care during the densification process.  If concrete is not densified properly during installation, the concrete will lose its integrity and dull out or lose its luster.  In addition, we take great care in finishing the floor as flat as possible with our large equipment do increase aesthetic value.  Our modern designs are aesthetically pleasing and versatile, allowing you to customize your commercial concrete polishing experience.

The benefits of polished concrete do not stop there. Our indoor and outdoor polishing applications create incredible, low maintenance floors that maximize durability, and cleanliness.

A major problem many commercial businesses face is concrete degradation. Chips, cracks and damage to concrete can lead to nasty mineral buildup and mold growth. Not only does that end up costing money to have that removed and cleaned out, if it gets far enough it can devalue the integrity of your concrete.

Having your concrete polished, treated, and sealed by an expert that understands the process, stands by their work, and can provide references of projects that have lasted for many years is critical to the success of your project.  FW Specialties is versatile on the size of projects we work on, and we consider it a challenge to tackle hard to solve issues.  Make the right choice the first time, and choose FW Specialties for your next polished concrete job!

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