Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete for the greater Salt Lake City area

Polished Concrete is a simple and cost effective way to take your concrete surfaces to the next level. The benefits of having your concrete floors, stairs or walls stained, sealed and treated by an expert Concrete Polishing Contractor are numerous.

The professionals at Finn-Wall Specialties are industry leaders in concrete polishing, industrial flooring and terrazzo. Our craftsmen use a unique multi-step method that leaves your concrete or stone surface more durable and looking beautiful. Our concrete technicians use specialized equipment and techniques for grinding, staining and sealing that promise high caliber performance and durability combined properties. These techniques can be used for new or old floor applications, low gloss or high gloss finishes and concrete restoration.

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For Polished Concrete to look great and function properly, specialized machinery and expertise is required to ensure the desired degree of smoothness and shine level required. Our wet and dry polish is designed to provide these essential floor coatings with the right amount of shine, without sacrificing durability. This specialized Polished Concrete has many applications: polished, stained, overlays, resurfacing, outdoor and indoor.

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Another one of the great advantages to working with Finn-Wall specialties is the variety specialty commercial flooring systems we can offer and the of popular design options with various colors, dyes and custom graphic or engraving effects.

Whether you are looking to pour new concrete or refinish what you already have, our systems are the best on the market. Finn-Wall Specialties Corporate office is in the Salt Lake City area located in Midvale, Utah and provides professional concrete polishing for various businesses including industrial, office, retail, warehouse, hospitals and other commercial facilities across Utah and including the following states: Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona.


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