Concrete Restoration

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  • Damaged Concrete Floor

    Damaged Concrete Floor

    At Finn-Wall Specialties, our team not only installs beautiful floors, but can restore damaged concrete to its former glory...

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  • Damaged Concrete

    Damaged Concrete

    If you have damaged concrete, let Finn-Wall Specialties restore your concrete with our experienced team....

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  • Delaminated Concrete Repair

    Delaminated Concrete Repair

    If your concrete has started to de-laminate, let Finn-Wall Specialties use our experience in concrete restoration solve your flooring problems....

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  • Concrete Restoration Project Time Lapse

    Concrete Restoration Project Time Lapse

    Concrete restoration project time lapse  ...

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  • Concrete Repair

    Concrete Repair

    Finn-Wall Specialties is experienced in concrete restoration and can assist you in your concrete repair needs....

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Concrete Restoration

Finn-Wall Specialties team of professionals take pride in their ability to solve problems that other firms may turn away from. We understand what it takes to provide value and service in heavy industrial environments. Below is the short list of concrete restoration and concrete repairs we perform:

Structural Concrete Repair | Carbon Fiber Strengthening | Waterproofing | EpoxyPolymer Concrete Injection | Expansion Joint assemblies | Protective Linings | Floor Joint and Slab Repairs | Deteriorated concrete repair