Concrete Restoration Systems

Concrete Restoration Systems for the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area

The benefits of working with expert concrete restoration flooring contractors are numerous. By choosing Finn-Wall Specialties you are working with incomparable restoration systems specialists who will accurately assess your restoration or repair needs or can design complete flooring systems according to any new installation requirements that you may have. Whether for industrial business, a luxury home or community property, our contractors have the expertise and experience to bring your project to completion with the finest concrete coating system.


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Businesses in Utah and across the Western United States trust our professionalism and high level of craftsmanship when in need for an Industrial restoration specialist. Whether your needs center around high foot traffic, heavy equipment, or anything in between, the professionals of Finn-Wall Specialties will be able to design and restore your flooring and concrete while maintaining competitive pricing that will fit your budget.

We take great pride in providing the highest level of professionalism and service to match our high caliber products. With many of our projects, our team of experts works with Architects and Builders for most commercial flooring design or high-end residential applications. For years, we have found the ability to find solutions and solve flooring problems that other firms would not accept.

Our custom restoration services also include solutions for concrete polishing, delaminated concrete repair, waterproofing barriers for your Industrial flooring project. We ensure that with each concrete restoration you can be sure that your floors come with the protection they need to maintain a high level of functionality and look good doing it.

We only offer the highest quality products and services because we are the best specialty flooring contractor in Utah.


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