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  • Epoxy Flooring project, Stryker Pharmaceutical project epoxy mortar trowel down floor, Finn Wall Specialties, Utah

    Stryker Pharmaceutical

    Stryker Pharmaceutical project showing epoxy mortar trowel down flooring system installation. Expertly applied and installed by Finn-Wall Specialties providing non...

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  • Epoxy coating floor project, DoTerra project. Urethane cement polymer epoxy coating, by Finn Wall Specialties, Utah


    DoTerra production floor project provides a Urethane cement polymer epoxy coating. Installed by Finn-Wall Specialties to provide a seamless moisture...

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  • Epoxy-floor-coatings-operating-room-application-Installed-by-Finn-Wall-Specialties UT

    Epoxy Floor Coatings Operating Room

    Commercial Epoxy Coatings Application in an operating room requiring an epoxy floor installation.  ...

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  • Battery Room epoxy coating Floor Install

    Battery Room Epoxy Install

      Battery Room epoxy flooring installation project applied by Finn-Wall Specialties craftsman to provide a durable non-skid floor surface in...

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Finn-Wall Specialties is the epoxy flooring specialists in Midvale, Utah

Our epoxy flooring systems can improve aesthetics, protect your concrete from impact damage, chemicals, thermal shock, and more. Each of our customers experience has a unique set of challenges and through our experience, we will tailor the industrial flooring system to fit your specific needs.

Industries served:

Public Spaces | Pharmaceutical | Food and Beverage| Military/Aerospace | Heavy Industrial | Education | Manufacturing | Chemical Processing | Healthcare | Technology


Thin Mil | Slurries | Broadcast Floors (Decorative and Industrial) | Urethane Cement | MMA's

You can expect the highest quality epoxy floors from our experienced installation crews. We use top grade materials. Our staff and crew will work together to provide the best service and workmanship during every step of your project.