Urethane Concrete Flooring

Industrial Urethane Concrete Flooring in Utah

Industrial grade floor coatings are one of the most effective ways to maximize the functionality and durability of your concrete or cement surfaces. Urethane concrete flooring presents a unique solution that provides optimal performance and impressive esthetics.

Finn-Wall Specialties in Utah provides the best urethane industrial concrete flooring solutions available. There are many ways sealing over concrete floors can be accomplished. The urethane for industrial floors creates durable coated floors that withstands daily cleanings, wear and tear of large equipment. Urethane Flooring is also famous for its easy maintenance and is a popular industrial floor option for commercial use.

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These achievements in design are accomplished through a specialized concrete sealer that makes the entire surface water or liquid resistant. This prevents staining, seeping and damage that would otherwise ruin standard flooring.

The benefits and applications of Urethane Flooring are numerous. We serve businesses in several industries, each with their own specific needs. One of the major industries served is food and beverage manufacturing plants where the flooring needs to provide resistance to food waste, moisture, and thermal cycling of high to low temperature fluctuations. We have even developed state-of-the-art non-skid flooring that can be formulated if the requirement for a non-slip surface is needed to add additional safety for workers to avoid slips, falls or tripping hazards.

Though each business has its own unique needs, there are a few needs that all businesses share in common: they want a flooring solution that has minimum cost, maximum functionality and a premium appearance. Finn-Wall Specialties provides specialty flooring that meets each of those specifications, with industry recognized customer service and training that provides incredible quality to the entire experience.


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