Industrial Waterproofing and Restoration

Finn-Wall Specialties is proud to specifically offer Utah’s construction and Industrial industry a professional solution for weather or moisture resistant waterproofing barrier systems and concrete restoration solutions.  Our Industrial waterproofing and restoration division experts can help you design, repair, and restore waterproofing to protect your structures; install and repair joint systems; address and repair post tension cables; apply elastomeric urethane and sealants to parking deck coatings; repair delaminated concrete,  and provided concrete repair and restoration services. Our Industrial waterproofing and restoration team has high technical knowledge and training in new or existing industrial construction, restoration and repair services. We have extensive access to the technical suppliers and materials needed to properly address the needs of your project.

Finn-Wall Industrial Waterproofing and Restoration

Finn-Wall Specialties Industrial Waterproofing and Restoration

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Industrial waterproofing and restoration services:

  • Lining systems: Moisture barrier solutions
  • Waterproofing: Chemical and Water Barriers, repellents,  abrasion-resistant, flexible slurry for multiple applications for construction, water tight performing construction products for existing and new structures.
  • Joint Treatments: Expansion joint; building expansion joints, covers, pre compressed, seismic, fire rated, plaza and parking decks, Stadiums, wall, floor. Concrete joint filler for joint repair.
  • Sealants: high quality, applied, pre-compressed.
  • Concrete Repair: Repairing and finding you the right solutions to complete your concrete repair.
  • Concrete Restoration: Restoring your concrete back to its original condition with preventive measures.

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