Polymer Flooring Systems

When you walk into a new building, what is the first thing you notice? Chances are, the floors or walls did not jump out at you. If you are looking at company expense reports however, the costs associated with repairing and maintaining these essential, yet often unnoticed aspects of our work spaces can quickly climb out of control.

Polymer flooring can transform your work space from an expensive eyesore, to a cost effective, clean and professional atmosphere. Through Finn-Wall’s seamless polymer floors application we are able to provide durable, long lasting floor and wall systems that allow for easy maintenance and be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Epoxy polymer flooring - Midvale, UT

Polymer flooring solution by Finn-Wall Specialties - Midvale, UT

FW Specialties specializes in the application of polymer flooring systems that include but are not limited to industrial coating systems for clean rooms, hangars, commercial kitchens, FDA food processors, and other industries that require protection of concrete.  We can even provide customized logos and colors that can provide the finishing touch to a building.  Our polymer portfolio page allows you to view several pages of recent installations.

Do you manage a large plant or medical facility?  We provide heavy duty flooring system, chemical resistant coatings, and absorption resistant systems for many clients around the west.  Our advanced resinous flooring systems are installed using epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartic, and vinyl ester systems that are specifically engineered to have non-skid, waterproofing, chemical resistant, and low chemical absorption properties.  

Many businesses have already benefited from our expertly designed polymer epoxy floor systems.  Industrial plants use our industrial epoxy coatings to handle the wear and tear of heavy equipment and busy production lines.  Food and beverage plants protect their concrete from acids and cleaning solutions, and military bases use our epoxy floor coatings to support the transport and repair of military equipment as they come and go in service of our country.

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