Polymer Flooring Maintenance

Polymer Flooring Maintenance - Finn-Wall - Midvale, UTPolymer flooring maintenance is an important part of preserving your facility’s functionality and appearance. Whether the facility is a public lobby, clean room, industrial floor, or surgical room, knowing how too properly care for and maintain your seamless polymer flooring and wall systems is not only important, but can greatly extend the service life of your flooring and protect your investment.

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Finn Wall Specialties Polymer floors are installed with advanced coating systems that are meant to promote easy polymer flooring maintenance and reduce the wear and tear that is typical of heavy use, such as dirt and scuff marks. Even with the highest quality seamless floor system, there are specific methods of how to properly clean and maintain that polymer flooring or wall finish. Many facilities have designated daily and weekly polymer flooring maintenance and cleaning routines to sweep and mop, but what if those sweeping and mopping routines are actually damaging the floors that you invested in?

For instance, some polymer flooring systems should not be cleaned with hot water pressure sprays to remove detergent and soiled areas. Additionally, clean room floors need to be cleaned using a neutral ph balanced, non-abrasive cleaner. When you need to promptly clean spills and spots, or remove abrasive debris, not knowing the answers to questions like these can lead to unnecessary damage and can become very expensive. Starting off or beginning today with the best polymer flooring maintenance plan will help extend and maintain your polymer flooring or wall systems.

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