Selecting Polymer Flooring Systems

Selecting polymer flooring systems can be simple and cost effective when you have the guidance of an expert designers that you can trust. With a long track record of installing polymer flooring and epoxy coatings, the experts at Finn-Wall Specialties will help you create a specially engineered flooring system that will meet your business needs. Our long-lasting floors are applied with skill and have an enduring reputation as the best in high strength, low maintenance floors.

We are here to help you with selecting your flooring system.

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The industries we currently serve include: Maintenance, Warehousing, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Technology, Education, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Public Spaces, Military, Airplane Hangar Floors, and more… Check out polymer portfolio containing images our current and past projects.

Our polymer industrial product selections are equipped to address whatever challenges your unique industry may face. Our unique polymer floors and wall systems can be designed to include chemical resistant floors, rubber flooring, polymer epoxy flooring, industrial floor coatings and more. Whether you need resinous commercial floors, garage floor coatings, or industrial flooring you will enjoy the most advanced, seamless coating systems on the market that we can provide by giving you to the best options for Selecting polymer flooring systems that meet the needs of our environment. We routinely develop systems for our customers that provide low absorption coatings, non-skid surfaces, safe and simple maintenance, waterproof coatings, and even epoxy logos to put your company’s finishing touch on you unique flooring solution.

Start today by selecting a polymer flooring system that will increase the quality of your personal and professional environment. No matter the unique flooring system you choose, you are guaranteed to experience the highest quality workmanship we are known to provide in our industry.

Systems we regularly install include: Thin-Mil Coatings, Self-leveling Slurries, Quartz Broadcast Flooring, Troweled Epoxy Mortars, Urethane Cement, and Chemical Containment systems.

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